The IEEE VIS 2015 conference is world renowned forum for advances in scientific and information visualization. It is an event packed one week conference that took place in Chicago,IL at Palmer House Hilton Hotel from Oct 25 to Oct 30 2015. Every year it brings different researchers together to explore their shared interest and exchange ideas. I am very fortunate that I got the opportunity to participate in this conference. I had the chance to attend EVL’s designated booth at the conference, demonstrate and explain my work and EVL’s current researches and technological advances for visitors that come to talk to our booth. I was also able to view numerous poster presentations and meet different employers and companies. I had also a chance to attend different InfoVis presentations and talk with other graduate and undergraduate students. All in all it was very educational and great networking conference and I believe that I got a lot out of this one week event.

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Giving Talk at EVL

I  and Evan Kreft had an opportunity to present our research topic too.We have presented and explained  our research topic in front of  EVL graduate students and professors and had discussions and comments about our work.



Some notes about Undergraduate Research in Electronic Visualization Lab (EVL)

Orientation at EVL

I had my first orientation to EVL on May 15th 2015 with other 5 undergraduate UIC students, We met our adviser Prof. G.Elisabeta Marai  and discussed our plans for this REU and toured the lab and talked with some of the graduate students in the lab. We got our keys to the lab too !

Writing a semester plan

I wrote a semester plan for this REU  and laid out my plan about learning different programs and visualization tools, reading assignments, due dates , prototype presentation dates.  

Completing tutorials

We completed lots of tutorials during this REU , I have learned  Javascript ,HTML, Git  from different sites and also completed a tutorial on how to visualize data with D3, how to build 3D models with sketchup,how to program in python and work with Omegalib.  

Attending tech talks on Fridays

Fridays are for tech talks in EVL. Every Friday afternoon different people in the lab give tech talks about different tools and technologies that they specialize on. I had an opportunity to learn a lot about Linux (I actually started using Ubuntu!  ), Advanced D3, javascript and Unity game engine and many other.  

Attending Wed EVL meetings

Wednesdays are for EVL meetings,students brief about their progress and grad students give a 30 minute talk about their research topics.  These meetings are very educational and gave me an insight about what graduate student do.