Updates for March 2016

March 2016

Week 1

Midterm month… Still debugging.

Week 2

Our poster was accepted to the Tapia conference! I am looking forward to the conference.

We met with Jon Komperda and his advisor, along with ours, and demoed the particle visualization. The dropped particles drew a lot of interest. They asked us to double check against the raw datafile and make sure it is not e rendering artifact. We checked, and it wasn’t! There are definitely dropped particles in the simulation. Very excited.

Week 3

Took some more pictures, and advisor says she is going to use one of them in a presentation for a senior scientific meeting in Germany.

Tim found a volume rendering demo under CAVE2, and we are trying to figure out what is different in our implementation.

Week 4

Working hard on coursework. Advisor asked us to document the rendering component of the program. Both Josh and Peter (our fellow research undergraduates) have graduated early and doing well.

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