Graduated !

All good things must come to an end  and this semester is also over !  We have finalized our  projects and figured out our rendering issues.  We have also shared our datasets and scripts with upcoming undergraduate and graduate researchers who have interest in working with

It was quite an interesting and educational journey . Here are very brief highlights of our semester:

  • We were able to create a 3D immersive  combustion visualization prototypes using CAVE2,
  • We were able to visualize a dataset that describes mixing layers created when two fluids mix together using CAVE2
  • We gave numerous presentations and demos to our colleagues from in EVL and to different professionals. This greatly helped us to improve our public speaking and presentations skills
  • We have participated and represented  EVL and our work in IEEE VIS 2015 , a conference which is a world renowned forum for advances in scientific and information visualization which was held in Chicago.
  • We have submitted a poster to ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing  conference and our submission was accepted !.

I would like to thank my advisor Professor G.Elisabeta Marai, my colleague Evan Kreft , everyone at EVL and CREU team for this amazing opportunity.

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